“It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to recommend T & A Builders, Inc.
We retained T & A to build out the interior of our new 6,000 Square Foot Property Shop. The Shop is located on the ground floor of a residential condominium building, located in the Brickell Area of Miami, Florida. In addition to the normal restrictions imposed by the City on construction practices, T & A was also presented with a long list of restrictions and requirements dictated by the Condominium Association.

Notwithstanding these added burdens, T & A performed the work in a first-class manner. The Shop was finished on time, creative solutions to on-site problems were handled expeditiously, and the budget was adhered to without requests for modifications. The Condominium Association, which we were forewarned may be difficult to deal with, never once had a complaint. The site was always left in a clean and safe condition at the end of every work day, and T & A kept close supervision over their Sub-contractors.
T & A has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to retaining them again in the near future as we commence to build out the second of a total of seven Property Shops in Greater Miami. T & A will be with us all the way”.